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707 N Flynn Rd. (Hwy 421) Westville, IN 46391

707 N Flynn Rd. (Hwy 421) Westville, IN 46391

Cold Laser Rehab

THOR Laser Therapy

You want your pet to be comfortable, and we want to do all we can to help with that process. Pain is difficult with pets because they cannot talk to tell us what is wrong. However, they do still feel pain. Because of this, we want to treat our pets so that they do not have to struggle with pain due an injury or disease process. This is why we offer THOR Laser Therapy at Hero Pet Animal Hospital.

THOR laser therapy is a newly added service here at Hero Pet, and we are so excited about it! This treatment uses light to stimulate the body to heal. With LED lights or laser beams, the cells responsible for inflammation, pain, and healing are encouraged to be active and repair your pet’s damaged tissue.

As a result, your pet will have decreased pain levels and heal more rapidly! This treatment can be beneficial for pets with arthritis, injuries to bone and soft tissue, and any significant wounds or trauma.

Here at Hero Pet, we have certified THOR Laser technicians on staff. They have been professionally trained in this technology so that it is safe and highly effective to treat your pet! It’s important to have a staff who is knowledgeable and trustworthy, and that is just what we do at Hero Pet. You can breathe easier knowing that your pet is in great hands with our certified THOR Laser technicians.

If your pet is dealing with chronic pain or a recent injury, please speak with your veterinarian about our THOR Laser services to see if your pet could benefit from them. Contact us today to get your pet feeling better as soon as possible!