Hero Pet Animal Hospital

707 N Flynn Rd. (Hwy 421) Westville, IN 46391

707 N Flynn Rd. (Hwy 421) Westville, IN 46391


Our Mission

It is our philosophy that all pets are heroes. And, we strive to treat them as such. Everyday, our pets lift our spirits and bring a light into any darkness. No matter how our day is going, our pets greet us with excitement and bring a joy that is unlike any other. We are given companionship when we bring a pet into our home, and this is why we believe our pets are heroes.
Because we want to honor and serve every hero pet in our community, we strive to nurture and grow a good relationship with both our clients and our patients. We foster this relationship with thoughtful, thorough care and client education.
It is our primary goal to provide the community with high-quality, affordable, and compassionate veterinary medicine. Every animal deserves the greatest care, especially our hero pets. Because of this, we believe that it is our duty to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

At Hero Pet, we want to make a difference in the animal world because every pet is a hero. Our owner and founder, Dr. Lisa Booth is dedicated to serving our pet community. This shines through in all of her work. She runs a nonprofit organization called Kits for K9s, www.kitsfork9s.org, through which the members provide emergency canine first aid equipment to police departments. Additionally, she teaches pet CPR and canine first aid to emergency responders so that they can best help a K9 injured on duty. Dr. Booth is dedicated to the safety of every pet, including working animals.
We believe that every pet is a hero, and they should be treated this way. With Hero Pet Animal Hospital, you can rest assured that your pet is in great hands. We make it our mission to keep the most compassionate, knowledgeable staff so that your pets receive the best care. Your pet is a hero, and they will receive the care they deserve at our hospital. Contact us today for all of your pet’s veterinary needs! We look forward to serving your hero.