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707 N Flynn Rd. (Hwy 421) Westville, IN 46391

707 N Flynn Rd. (Hwy 421) Westville, IN 46391

Surgical Services

Laparoscopic Surgical Equipment

Our excellent veterinary staff offers laparoscopic surgical procedures. Through this process, our veterinarian creates only small incisions and uses a camera to view the inside of your pet’s abdomen. This prevents the need for large surgical incisions, making the surgery and recovery easier on your pet. Laparoscopic veterinary surgeries allow your pet to recover quickly and without large wounds.

Some of our most common surgical procedures include spaying and gastropexy. Spaying is the surgical method of ensuring female pets cannot fall pregnant. Gastropexy is the process of tacking the stomach to prevent bloat in large breed dogs. For these and other procedures, laparoscopic methods allow for less invasive surgeries and quicker recovery times. This can be beneficial for those pets that have a bit more energy than most, as the recovery is quick and they can get back to playing in no time.

Laparoscopic surgery can make necessary procedures much easier on your pet, as the process is less invasive and requires less recovery time. Please speak with our staff or veterinarians to understand how your pet could benefit from laparoscopic surgery!

Surgical Laser Scalpel

At Hero Pet Animal Hospital, we want the best for your pet. That is why we use only state-of-the-art surgical equipment to treat your pets. During most of our surgical procedures, we use a surgical laser scalpel. With this, a laser is used to open any tissue instead of the typical scalpel blade. This may sound strange, but it actually makes the procedure and recovery much better for your pet.

Surgical laser scalpel is an incredibly effective technology that allows for simple treatments for your pet. This method prevents excessive bleeding during the surgery by sealing off blood vessels as the tissue is opened. Therefore, recovery can be much quicker and simpler for your pet, and the surgery can be performed more easily without excessive bleeding.

surgical laser scalpel; surgical services for your pet

You always want the best for your pet, and we are here to make sure you can get it. With surgical laser scalpels, any surgery can be much easier on your pet.

If your pet is in need of surgery, be sure to talk with our veterinarians about our surgical capabilities, including surgical laser scalpel methods.

What Pet Owner's Say About Laser Scalpel

Our pup healed faster and had less scarring than she would have if she had the traditional surgery! I wished the veterinarian was willing to remove just the ova, leaving the uterus, as I read that this procedure makes for an even faster recovery because it cuts…  Chris – Reno, NV

We found a laser veterinarian who was very professional and easy. Now we are more likely to let the animals into the family room and other areas of the house that were off limits to them prior to the procedure. Would we recommend laser surgery to other pet owners?… Robert – Morristown, NJ

I had surgery for my pet performed at South Seminole Animal Hospital and the surgery went great! I would definitely recommend laser surgery to other pet owners… Jane – Casselberry, FL