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Curbside Service

Curbside Service

Today, many businesses are transitioning to offer curbside service. Veterinary care is no different. We understand that many people have a preference for limited contact, whether that is due to health concerns or personal reasons. If you prefer a low contact service, our clinic offers curbside veterinary service.

When you schedule a curbside appointment, here’s what you should expect:

veterinary curbside service

1) First, when you call to schedule your appointment, let us know on the phone that you are requesting curbside services.

2) When you arrive on the day of the appointment, stay in your vehicle! Give us a call and we will direct you from there.

3) A staff member will get information from you over the phone, including the reason for your visit, your pet’s health history, and any other necessary information.

4) A veterinary assistant will come to your vehicle and bring your pet inside to see the veterinarian.

5) Your pet’s veterinarian will call you during the appointment to keep you updated on any findings, ask you any questions, and make recommendations for your pet’s care.

6) You will authorize any testing, treatment, vaccinations, etc. before our care team performs any services.

7) Once your pet is finished with their appointment, our veterinary assistant will bring them back out to your car.

8) A receptionist will call your phone to take any payment that is due for your services.

9) Then, you and your pet can head back home!

We look forward to helping your pet, regardless of your preference for in-person or curbside appointments. Our staff is dedicated to keeping every pet healthy and well. To schedule your curbside veterinary appointment, contact Hero Pet Animal Hospital today!